Quarantenaire du CERDOTOLA

Croisade internationale pour la reconsidération des Cultures Patrimoniales d’Afrique

Enraciner l’Emergence de l’Afrique!

Ministers of Culture Day

CERDOTOLA is an intergovernmental institution. Initially created for and by Central African States, it has come to extend its competence and jurisdiction tothe whole continent, and to gradually involve the African diaspora in itsactivities. The aim of this day is to gather culture ministers of ECCAS and other partner countries to further advocacy for this ambition which is increasingly acknowledged as a significant opportunity. The gathering of Ministers will also enable a lobbying strategy to attain a double goal: ensuring that many more African countries seek and secure membership with CERDOTOLA, and considering effective ways and means of reinforcing cooperation and partnership between CERDOTOLA and the continent’s political and economic institutions: AU, ECCAS, EMCCAS, ECOWAS, WAEMU, UNECA, etc.